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Circular Walk From Hardrow into Cotterdale

Circular walk from Hardrow near Hawes into Cotterdale

On a perfectly, perfect day in January we set off on a circular walk from Hardrow near Hawes into Cotterdale. There had been some snow and the ground was hard so best boots on, plenty of layers and for me, most essential, walking sticks. The walk was about seven miles with a stiff climb to start with along the Pennine Way but nothing we couldn’t achieve and the views were far too good to miss by not stopping for a breather on the way up.  In fact all along the route the views are just astonishing and even more so with the low winter sun and the snow, just breath taking! You can even see Ingleborough, one the Yorkshire Three Peaks, just behind the hills as in the photo.

Please do plan your route beforehand, take the map, GPS and compass which should always be tucked into your rucksack and as mentioned, best boots, walking sticks especially if the ground is frozen and covered in snow, wear appropriate clothing and take plenty to eat and drink.

Park carefully in Hardrow a mile or so north of Hawes, and set off on the walk on the west of the village after the last houses on the Pennine Way going north, OS X (Eastings) 386094 OS Y Northings) 491557. You can also park just here on the side of the road if you wish. Continue along the Pennine Way, always climbing, to Hearne Top OS X (Eastings) 385237 OS Y (Northings) 492262. Here we leave the Pennine Way and take the track off to the left, north west. For a little more clarity perhaps this is just after the second gate on the route.

Follow the track past Bends Clints and at the parting of the ways at the forest, OS X (Eastings) 383739 OS Y (Northings) 494529, proceed downhill through the trees, continue down following the footpath signs, round the double bend down the straight and still following the footpath signs off to the right (this doesn’t seem to be marked on the map as it’s a fairly new venture), down through the trees, over a flat wooden bridge and here you will come to a clearing with picnic tables! Through the gate, over the footbridge bridge, back onto the track and follow into Cotterdale village.

Cotterdale village is a small linear village, a hamlet I suppose, with pretty cottages deep in the valley. After the first houses on the left you will come to a metal footbridge over East Gill on the left. Over here and follow the footpath across three fields and into rough pastureland. In this field make your way diagonally up the hill, south east, to the few large trees near to the wall, eventually a footpath sign will come into view and the stile will be revealed for you to go through! Through here, up to the footpath post and follow on more or less on this level, past a barn then proceed just a little higher to go over a stile, turn right as there is a fence immediately in front of you, then over the stile into the new plantation. Follow on looking out for a sign that says ‘FOOTPATH’, if you go when the bracken is high keep a keen look out for it, follow on here, over the stile, and out onto moorland again. Past Kempera Folds, keep going and come out onto the Pennine Way again, OS X (Eastings) 384657 OS Y (Northings) 492437. Turn right and retrace your steps back to Hardow.

We have a beautiful apartment in Hawes, Burnside View, sleeps four, no pets, own parking, you could even walk to Hardrow from here or catch The Little White Bus. Of course, all our cottages are well within striking distance of Hardrow, come and join us and enjoy this wonderful walk. Call me Nadine or my daughter Joanne on 01969 663559 for friendly help and advice or do book online on our website if you prefer.

Hear from you quite soon!

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Written By Nadine Bell

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