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Circular Walk From Harmby near Leyburn

The pretty waterfall at Harmby

On a bright autumn morning we felt a short walk from Harmby would be very nice. Lovely open views, a waterfall to explore and no great hills to conquer. About five miles, some walking along tracks, some through open fields, a little walking on the road but hardly a car went by.

As always, even though it’s quite a gentle walk please do wear good footwear and plenty of layers, plan your route beforehand, take GPS, map, compass, plenty to drink and snacks.

Carefully park on the wide stretch of road in front of The Pheasant Inn but not in the pub carpark.

You will see opposite from where you have parked there is a green finger post pointing south, follow this path down through the wood and keep to the right where the way splits. Explore the waterfall whilst you’re here but come back to the path you have just left. Out into open pasture, turn right, south, down the field to the next stile, through here and follow to the road. Right again and follow the road down the hill. At the next junction turn right again, past the bell then turn left, and keeping south follow Middleham Lane to the bottom OS Grid Ref: SE 12618 88694. From here turn left, east, through a metal gate and continue along the path, Beggar’s Mouth, quite well worn, to the stream with a little foot bridge, marked ford on OS Maps. Over the bridge then leave the main track to take the footpath on the left. Through here, north, into the wood, which isn’t shown on the map, and follow to another little foot bridge. Over, through the gate into open pasture and up the hill to bring you out into Spennithorne. Follow the road round to the right to bring you out onto the main road through Spennithorne, even though a main road it is still very quiet. Down to the church and into the church yard. We perched here to have a break.

Ever onward, follow the flagged path to the church door then leave the flagged path and walk to the far eastern corner of the graveyard. Here you will find a footpath taking you through a narrow passageway coming out into open fields. Keeping the wall on your left walk to the far left hand corner of this field, over the stile, through the wood, again coming out into fields. Again keep the fence on your left follow the field round until you come to a red gate, through here and pick up the path to walk down to the road. Cross the road to the opposite stile, walk down the field to the little stream, turn right and follow till you find a little bridge, over the bridge, turn right keeping the fence on your right and you will eventually come out onto the road to Middleham, OS Grid Ref: SE 14508 89805. Turn left here and walk under the railway bridge and continue on until you reach the A684. Carefully cross the road here and walk up the hill on this quiet little road past Studdah to Street Head wood. Turn left here and follow the track to a gate, do not go off to the left, you’ll know what I mean when you get there. Once through the gate, keep the fence on your left and walk to the next gateway on your left, OS Grid Ref: SE 13872 91327, do not follow the path as it shows on the map, through here then keeping the wall on your right walk down to the track. Here turn right, west, and follow to the cattle grid. Over the cattle grid and walk along until you reach your vehicle.

Gosh that seemed quite complicated but the walk is quite well signposted but always be aware of exactly where you are on the map as you progress.

All our cottages are well within travelling distance to Harmby and Leyburn is a moment’s drive away. If you are fancying lunch at the Garden Rooms at Tennants it’s always best to book or otherwise park in Leyburn to find various places to eat and drink. Do come and stay in one of our lovely Country Hideaways holiday cottages. Call me Nadine or my daughter Joanne on 01969 663559 to book over the telephone and for friendly help and advice or of course do book online if you prefer.

Looking forward to hearing from you quite soon!

Country Hideaways

Written By Nadine Bell

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