Stalling Busk

Sitting on an escarpment under the bluffs of Stake Fell where Cragdale Beck cuts between the heights of Stake Fell and Cragdale Moor is the small hamlet of Stalling Busk. A tight little group of houses snuggled into the hillside, a sleepy place, where time stands still. A track with fords and footbridges crosses Cragdale and Raydale becks at the head of Lake Semerwater to give passage to Marsett and just down the hillside passes an old chapel, ruined but now preserved, dating from 1603 which was then the community focus of all Raydale. There are many tracks and paths climbing up the fell-sides and along the tops including the Roman 'Cam High Road' and 'Stake Road' giving spectacular views over the hills and surrounding dales as well as lakeside walks around Semerwater.

The hamlet is the home of the award winning Raydale Preserves which also owns and runs the Old School Tearoom selling homemade scones and preserves.