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Carlton in Coverdale in the Yorkshire Dales

Carlton in Coverdale

To visit Carlton in Coverdale is a lovely thing to do, whichever way you approach the views are just wonderful. From the east from Leyburn, again from the east but from Middleham to West Scrafton and then over the River Cover to Carlton, from the west from Kettlewell. All spectacular, quiet, narrow roads but well worth travelling.

Carlton is a linear village, mentioned in the Doomsday Book of 1086 but going back far further still, with the now excellent community owned and run Forester’s Arms, an active village hall, Methodist Chapel, many walks from the village and pretty cottages, some larger and more stately homes, lining the village street. Of course Carlton has it’s fair share of holiday cottages but it is a thriving community. Farming is still very evident shaping the landscape. A gory past is noted with the aptly named Deadman’s Hill after the discovery of the headless corpses of three Scottish pedlars in 1728.

Nearby visit the ever interesting Forbidden Corner, Coverham Church a little further down the dale, Pinker’s Pond, a lovely walk on our blog from here, in fact there are a few walks noted in the blog. If you travelled from Leyburn to Carlton continue up the dale, with Little Whernside and Greater Whernside on your left and Buckden Pike to the right, in the direction of Kettlewell but take care going down Park Rash, once in Kettlewell return via Kidstones on the B6160 and the A684. A really great day out with lots of villages to explore on the way.

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Written By Nadine Bell

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