Take some time out to do some cloud gazing! No, really, they are there all time, never far away anyway, and they’re free. I wrote a blog at the end of March last year mentioning the link below. A TED talk made in 2013 by Gavin Pretor Pinney on cloud watching and very relevant today. We were newly into lockdown, who would have thought we would still be in the same position this year? But it is how it is.

As I re read the blog I realised I hadn’t even watched the TED talk myself, having remedied that now I can say, please do follow the link and listen. Ten minutes is all you need, it’s funny, thought provoking, it will transport you away back to your childhood just for a little while, informative, but may also give you some resolve to follow Gavin’s way of thinking.

So happy cloud watching! https://www.ted.com/talks/gavin_pretor_pinney_cloudy_with_a_chance_of_joy  

By the way we have lots of clouds here in the glorious Yorkshire Dales for you to gaze upon, come and join us and we can cloud spot together sometime. Call me Nadine or my daughter Joanne on 01969 663559 for friendly advice in helping you find your perfect holiday cottage or book online if you wish.