Walking from Ballowfields to Carperby and past Lady Hill in a circular manner in Wensleydale

As promised, our walk past Lady Hill, a fleeting yet beautiful glimpse from the footpath! A friend and I decided to walk from Ballowfields. Please see previous blog for a photo of Lady Hill.…

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Lady Hill in Wensleydale in the glorious Yorkshire Dales

Lady Hill in Wensleydale is a prominent landmark as you travel from Aysgarth to Hawes on the A684. Originally a rabbit warren called Woodhall Warren, it was established in the 18th Century to breed silver haired rabbits for food and their much prized fur.…

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Wensley to Harmby, through Leyburn, along The Shawl and back to Wensley!

What an unexpectedly beautiful day we chose to go walking, the last day in March, how lucky we were! We decided to meet at Wensley, park on the newly surfaced layby, and set off in an easterly direction.…

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Jervaulx Abbey in between Masham and East Witton in the Yorkshire Dales

Jervaulx Abbey can easily be found between Masham and Ripon just off the A6108. A truly tranquil yet atmospheric place to find peace and quiet and loved by many. Wander around the ruins, listen to birdsong, find wildflowers in every nook and cranny, take time to contemplate its past.…

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Wensley Bridge to Middleham, along The Gallops, down to West Witton, returning by the River Ure

What a fabulous walk my friend Den and I did the other day. Was it all the wildlife we saw? Geese, herons, skylarks, curlews, oystercatchers amongst them. Was it because the sun shone yet we could see others weren’t enjoying the same?…

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Take some time out to do some cloud gazing! Especially in the Yorkshire Dales

Take some time out to do some cloud gazing! No, really, they are there all time, never far away anyway, and they’re free.…

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