Lime Kilns, Waterfalls, Footpaths, Villages………….

I was speaking to someone the other day, as you do, and he was telling me that his project of the moment was to try and find all the lime kilns in Swaledale, Wensleydale and Coverdale. Apparently there are hundreds and…

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Wensleydale in all it's glory in the wondrous Yorkshire Dales

Walking in Wensleydale, in the glorious Yorkshire Dales, yesterday, just has to be my absolute favourite dale. Set off from Carperby heading for Woodhall and back on a different level. Just so stunningly beautiful, quite…

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Cauldron Falls in pretty village of West Burton, Wensleydale

Peaty coloured water in the Cauldron Falls after recent rains. The waterfall is by no means in full flow though, should have come up yesterday with my camera! Probably be another opportunity though as the year goes along......................…

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