Circular Walk from West Burton, past Aysgarth Falls and St Andrew's Church

Easter Saturday and yet another glorious day, going to be even hotter than yesterday me thinks. Setting off for my usual morning walk I thought it would be nice to have a treat on the way round and stop for an ice cream at The Mill Race Tea Shop, they sell Yorkshire Dales Ice Cream, excellent choice!…

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Coverbridge to Coverbridge in Wensleydale in a circular manner

Our little walking group set off on a beautiful March morning, the birds were determined to sing above our chatter and it wasn’t long before the early morning clouds disappeared and we were stripping off the layers, it was nearly hot even! A walk of many contrasts, about ten miles, with sensational views towards the North York Moors and into Wensleydale, a few villages to explore, moorland, lush pastureland and the river Ure almost constantly in sight.…

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Aysgarth in Wensleydale in the glorious Yorkshire Dales

A small linear village sitting along side the A684 midway between Hawes and Leyburn. The village may be small but well worth a visit as there are the magnificent Aysgarth Falls to see, a stroll round the majestic church of St Andrews, an Edwardian Rock Garden and various cafes and pubs.…

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Redmire to Castle Bolton, Dent’s House, Preston under Scar and back

I know I keep on saying this but I am still amazed as to how many footpaths I haven’t walked, it’s really quite mind boggling as to how many miles of paths and tracks there are in the glorious Yorkshire dales and Nidderdale and how they intertwine with one another.…

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Hawes in Upper Wensleydale in the glorious Yorkshire Dales

A town for all seasons? A total cliché but totally true, come anytime of year and truly immerse yourself in country life and the countryside. Market day every Tuesday, pubs, cafes, restaurants and of course miles upon miles of walking up hill and down dale!…

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The Sandpiper Inn in Leyburn, Wensleydale

Our walking group decided we should have an evening meal together near to Christmas, as you do, and chose the Sandpiper Inn in Leyburn. None of us having been there for a while felt it was a good opportunity to try the place again.…

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