Back in spasm so no walking!

Just over a month ago a very silly thing happened, I was bending down to pick up the vacuum cleaner and ping my back goes into spasm, didn’t even reach the thing in question! Anyone who has experienced this, and I think I’m one of many, will understand the excruciating pain and total immobility, for a while at least!…

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East Witton to Colsterdale on to Ellingstring and back to East Witton

This walk is curtesy of Diana Jolland who has compiled a little book of ten circular walks in Wensleydale. You can find the book for sale in the Leyburn Arts and Community Centre in The Old School House. A route to walk after a good dry spell or be prepared for a bit of mud and standing water. A walk of magnificent views into Wensleydale, Colsterdale and Nidderdale.…

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