During the school holidays we thought it would be nice to go to Brymor Ice Cream Parlour with some friends. I walked in and looked at the menu board. There was a massive amount of choices making it almost impossible to decide which one I wanted. Should I have white chocolate? Honeycomb? What about the new one Mooteaser? In the end I couldn’t resist a Mooteaser (along with a Frozzy’s for our Dachshund, Sizzle!) I took a lick and it tasted just amazing! I later found out why they named it Mooteaser but I’ll leave it as a secret for you to find out for yourselves!!

When I finished my ice cream I went to the Go-Karts with my friends. It’s a one-way system, probably to avoid collisions. There were big Go-Karts and there were little Go-Karts. Me and my friends had so much fun! Next we all went to the sandpit. It was full of buckets and spades to build sandcastles. There were also two tyres in the sandpit too. We sat in them and played with the sand in between our toes. We played in the sandpit for ages. After the sandpit we went on the climbing frame and played on that for a while.

Going to Brymor is always tasty and fun, even for dogs!