We had a very nice lunch at the Aysgarth Falls Hotel in Aysgarth, Wensleydale the other day. The hotel hasn’t been known by this name for very long as before it was always Palmer Flatt Hotel, or Palmer.

Forty and fifty or so years ago it was the meeting place in the dales, if you hadn’t been to Palmer on a Saturday night you just hadn’t been out! Many romances and future partners developed here, my own included and probably still do! Over the years the place has changed considerably and is now well worth a visit for food or just a drink. Get the map out and you’ll find loads of lovely walks from here too! Don’t forget to walk down to St Andrew’s church and have a look in, it’s usually open and then on down the fill a little further to the famous Aysgarth Falls.

Anyway, back to our lunch, which as I said was very nice, a varied lunch time menu, pleasant staff and reasonably priced. We stayed and chatted the afternoon away and were the last ones out before the evening clientele would start to arrive. If you’re looking to have an evening meal do book as they do get very busy.

Want to stay nearby then do give us a call on 01969 663559 and speak to me, Nadine, or my daughter, Joanne, for friendly help and advice or book online if you wish.